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White Light Teeth Whitening

Pemutih Gigi White Light

Price USD 80.000

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whitelight pemutih gigi

White Light Teeth Whitening adalah solusi bagi anda yang pingin punya white teeth mengkilau tanpa harus ke dokter dan mengeluarkan banyak biaya. Pemutih Gigi White Light adalah produk yang terbukti ampuh untuk mengembalikan warna putih alami gigi anda hanya dalam waktu 10 minute. Yellow teeth because of smoking, yellow teeth because of congenital and others can come back clean white with WhiteLight.

"WHITE TEETH WHITENING LIGHT Teeth Whitening is a revolutionary product that can produce a brilliant white teeth are FAST and SECURE. It is recommended by dentists worldwide. BEST SELLER in EUROPE Only with the use of 10 minutes every day and 2 week - 1 months have permanent white. White Light Teeth Whitening is made with international standards. "

Tooth whitening ini aman karena tidak menimbulkan alergi dan mengandung bahan-bahan yang Aman dan sudah terdaftar. Created with the international standard and has been a best seller in several countries.

pemutih gigi whitelight

How it Works White Light Teeth Whitening
The combination of gel and light tool that directly erode yellowish color on your teeth. REMEMBER : NOT SCRAPE EMAIL, so it is very safe to use. Apply the gel on your teeth, then use his tools, 10 minutes per day. Can whiten yellow teeth due to any reason

How to Use White Light Teeth Whitening
– Combine the two gel for maximum results.
– Apply the dental tray which has been available.
– Nyalakan light transmitter
– Put in front teeth (Light button in the top position)
– Wait 10-15 minute.
– Use a toothbrush after. (1x day)
– After irradiation, clean teeth.

Usage 8-10 times can whiten teeth (routine)

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CONTACT US ( Fast Respond )
*We are ready to serve you with all my heart!
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