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Ceramic Damon Bracket

Ceramic Damon Bracket

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Ceramic Damon Bracket merupakan bracket DAMON teknologi terbaru. Bracket is opening new doors for efficiency practices, clinical flexibility, patient comfort and aesthetics with the latest design DAMON Clear – a big step from passive self-ligating technology with low-friction bracket that gives results much more remarkable than just flat teeth.

Damon System Bracket merupakan salah satu produk Self Ligating Bracket yang paling dikenal dunia terutama di Indonesia. Damon System adalah behel estetis dengan ukuran behel yang lebih kecil dari behel biasa, use minimal force during treatment, but relatively quickly with minimal discomfort level.

This is one of the distinguishing damon system with conventional methods. Damon brackets using the method that eliminates friction. different from the conventional stirrup wire on the teeth move with great force and friction. Uniquely minimal power was actually makes the treatment more quickly, response body reacts positively with minimal effort but with maximum results.


Damon brackets using wire arch (Arch Wire) that produces minimal. The effect of course, the patient will feel comfortable during treatment. Another advantage is, Damon stirrup stirrup products include "Self-ligating Braces". This means that Damon does not require the stirrup rubbers such as Power-O. In addition, Damon Stirrup more hygienic because not facilitate food to stick. Compare with the power O on conventional stirrup. Power-O, power chain and other elastic rubber are more likely to make food stick.

Damon system in treatment does not use rubber, but in bracketnya have a special buffer to hold the wire used. Therefore, without rubber, pressure that usually cause pain of rubber pressure no longer felt the stirrup Damon System.

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