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Dibulan Maret ini, kami SMILEORTHOSHOP memberikan promo khusus untuk Paket Behel Transparan.

Khusus untuk bulan Maret 2014 ini harga paket behel transparan menjadi Rp. 280.000, dimana harga normal Rp. 300.000.

Want to wear stirrup more trendy in Year 2014 this? Want to use stirrup + enhance the appearance? Klo metal stirrup heck is common and many are wearing.. Now there Stirrup Transparent price is quite economical. Transparent Stirrup previously only certain circles who can use it, The main reason for the price is quite expensive.

But not with the current, Transparent stirrup price was much cheaper than 2-3 last year.

Now not only artists who can wear stirrup transparent, but kmu can also use transparent stirrup sis.. 🙂

Kami menawarkan Transparent Stirrup Package Deals, dimana bracketnya menggunakan Transparent Bracket Classone Usa dari bahan Ceramic.


Isi Paketnya :

  • 1 set Bracket Ceramic ClassOne
  • 2 Niti wire
  • 1 set Buccal Tube
  • 2 Rubber Stirrup Power O (Colour)
  • 1 Brush Stirrup

This package is very complete.. For installation staying taken to doctor or Orthodontist.

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