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9 Stirrup User Tips and How to Take care

14 January , 2015 , Category : Article

Mounting brackets / braces is currently a trend and rapidly adopted people who want to have a neat and orderly teeth. In addition, many were put stirrup gear just for style and to meet contemporary trends just to make it more attractive. No matter what the reasons people go to the dentist to fix teeth that neat or just plug the stirrup.

As is known in general, function dental braces or stirrup is actually is to flatten the teeth by pushing and holding the movement of the teeth. Braces / stirrup is very well used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face, during the talk and smile. But of course there is a problem if the teeth are mounted stirrup or barbed are not taken into consideration the condition of his health.

The health of the teeth need to be considered. Not only maintenance on the tools used, but also the style of eating or so should also be noted. More than that, there are also food taboos that do not need to be consumed, one example is chewing gum.

Tips For Caring Dental Berbehel

For the health of your teeth for braces so users need to be considered by the user braces itself. As well Tips For Caring Dental Berbehel Joy Dental Clinic Yogyakarta is as follows.

1. Distinguished & Toothpaste Special

Use a special toothbrush for orthodontic. It is very important and must also consider the recommendation of the dentist. Because of this brush has bristles smooth and good for cleaning teeth berbehel. For toothpaste own use toothpaste with a complete formula and really good for teeth barbed. Choose a toothpaste that has recommended a doctor or a special toothpaste for teeth users berbehel.

2. Mouthwash

After performing as a regular toothbrush with a brush and special toothpaste. Highly recommended for cleaning the mouth and teeth by rinsing. Gargle with mouthwash such as mouth wash that is useful as a cleaner mouth commonly available in the market and of course that is reliable.

3. Avoid Gum & Food Hardware

Certainly already know that chewing gum has a smooth texture and easily attached to the surface in the mouth. Therefore, avoid the consumption of chewing gum. For hard-textured food alone can make braces easily separated for the small pieces in advance if you want to eat hard textured foods such as fruits or other foods as well in order to avoid the pain.

4. Other Abstinence

The food that does not need to be consumed in order to avoid the teeth of the things that does not want is to not eat foods such as caramel corn or whole. To drink that should be avoided are ice cubes and soft drinks. Soft drinks contain that may lead to the formation of plaque in the mouth, especially around braces.

5. Use Dental Floss

Sometimes for users braces, treatment is felt to be more complicated than usual. Use a toothbrush or any additional specific need to use dental floss or dental floss to clean the environment braces.

6. Routine check to Doctors

Check the latest conditions braces teeth is recommended for users berbehel. Consult a doctor braces conditions. Keep track of developments braces for approximately 6 months or 3 better months for a check-up.

7. How to Brush Teeth Berbehel

To perform maintenance properly is to do a good way to brush, ie the upper teeth brushing using a brush and a special pasta. Start brushing from the right to the left. Brush as usual brushing teeth yet, needs to be done evenly and slowly so as not to wire itself is not easily separated.

8. New Users

For beginners or first time stirrup mounted, usually use braces can cause pain relief such as thrush or teeth also squeezed for days. Therefore, how to appropriately handle it is to make warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt. Gargle with the herb mixture. If the pain and the pain is unbearable try to drink and swallow an aspirin.

9. Diligent Toothbrush After Eating

Other tips are very simple is always bringing dental care supplies such as toothbrushes and paste wherever. Until, after eating can immediately clean it so it does not stick and stuck in braces and certainly will make more clean and fresh mouth.

Tips For Caring Dental Berbehel above can you make as enlightenment for users stirrup Teeth.
Hope it is useful.

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